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Call Center Authentication Solutions

On the Phone

Streamlined call center authentication

Simple, secure authentication boosts contact center efficiency, enhances customer experience and reduces fraud risk

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and security in your call center operations with IDgo’s customer authentication solutions. Our technology ensures lightning-fast, universal authentication on any channel—eliminating the need for traditional passwords, knowledge-based authentication questions, and other outdated authentication methods.

With IDgo, contact centers can: 


  • Cut operational costs with our efficient and affordable authentication method.

  • Improve customer satisfaction through a user-friendly experience

  • Strengthen fraud protection for your customers

Cost-efficient authentication for call centers

Revolutionizing security with affordable and efficient authentication

IDgo's pre-call authentication minimizes time spent on traditional methods, significantly reducing hold and handle times in call centers.

Rivermark Community Credit Union cut authentication time from 104 to 20 seconds, reflecting substantial efficiency gains. Similar success stories, like those of Unitus Community Credit Union and Pioneer FCU, highlight IDgo's ability to streamline security and enhance operational efficiency for call centers

Learning to use smartphone

"Our partnership with IDgo has improved our authentication process, protects our members from fraud, and enhances our members' and employees experience by saving an average of 45 seconds per call. Our members are authenticated before they even reach our employees." 

Jessica Smith, AVP Remote Experience
Unitus Community Credit Union

Hotline Consultant

Elevate customer and agent satisfaction

A seamless and user-friendly approach to authentication

IDgo delivers a seamless authentication experience for both callers and agents. Callers can swiftly respond to authentication requests via their smart devices, while agents effortlessly issue requests through the IDgo Agent web app or call center IVR using the IDgo API.

Our user-friendly platform prioritizes customer satisfaction, enhancing interactions and fostering loyalty with a streamlined, intuitive experience.

Advanced fraud protection for call centers

Enhancing security through smart device authentication

IDgo fortifies fraud prevention for call centers with secure smart device authentication. By eliminating the need for personal information or passcodes, IDgo thwarts common fraud attacks.

With no sharing of sensitive data, IDgo ensures a robust defense against bad actors, safeguarding customer identities and bolstering trust in every interaction.


Frequently asked questions

Q: How does IDgo authentication differ from common call center authentication methods such as knowledge-based authentication questions, static passphrases, one-time-passcodes, or voice recognition?

A: IDgo does not rely on personal information, secrets or passcodes that can be discovered or in conjunction with artificial intelligence used by bad actors to facilitate account takeover and fraudulent transactions.

Q: Can IDgo seamlessly integrate with our existing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system?

A: IDgo can seamlessly integrate with call center IVRs using the IDgo Web API. These integrations are typically less than a day of work.

Q: How quickly can our business set up and deploy IDgo's authentication service without extensive IT involvement?

A:  Since the IDgo service is based on web applications, the IDgo service can be set up in less than a day for your team to begin using IDgo authentication. If your team would like to experience IDgo, visit our free trial signup page here.

Q: What advantages does IDgo offer in terms of agent-less authentication and enrollment services, and how can it enhance overall customer experience? 

A: IDgo offers the ability to have callers authenticated before an agent answers the call, saving time and providing a better user experience for both callers and agents.

Elevate your call center with IDgo: the ultimate authentication solution

Discover the power of IDgo's game-changing call center authentication solutions. With seamless integration, robust security measures, and a focus on customer delight, IDgo ensures your call center operates at its peak potential. Upgrade your call center to IDgo's call center anti-fraud authentication technology for a future-ready, secure, and customer-centric experience.

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