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Authentication with your device biometrics



IDgo authenticates users with biometrics.

Zero friction, secure authentication with one credential for everywhere.

Biometric authentication
face and finger print recognition

IDgo delivers the same simple authentication experience in all channels: contact center, online, in-person. IDgo does not require a download of an application and works on smart devices including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.


IDgo takes seconds to authenticate
Authentication is FAST


IDgo authentication takes seconds instead of minutes. IDgo is a no-code / low-code user authentication service that can be up and running in minutes without straining IT resources and without the overhead of maintaining development stacks.

Passwordless authentication
No more discoverable secret passwords


IDgo replaces discoverable secrets like passwords and one-time passcodes with strong passwordless biometric authentication so there are no secrets for attackers to steal. To protect privacy, authentication is executed with device based biometrics that are not stored by the IDgo service.

Authenticate Users, Not Passwords or Secrets

Reduce average handle time in your contact center today.

Calculate your potential savings here.

Try IDgo yourself. For Free. No Code.

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How IDgo Works

Authenticate in seconds.

Offline Authentication

1. User receives SMS from enterprise
2. User signs in with device biometrics

User approves the authentication request

Online Authentication

1. Login to online account
2. Choose a "risky" transaction, e.g., Funds Transfer

3. Complete IDgo Authentication
4. Proceed with Funds Transfer

How IDgo Works Anchor
Passkey authentication solution


  • Biometric authentication

  • Password-less

  • No app to download

  • No code / low code

  • Superior user experience

  • Reduces call center AHT

  • Omni-channel

  • Account Takeover Protection

  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified


Frequently Asked Questions

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