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What We Do

IDgo offers secure device-based biometric authentication with a superior user experience compared to existing authentication methods such as knowledge based authentication, one-time passcodes and voice biometrics. Leveraging the FIDO (fast identity online) authentication protocols enables IDgo to eliminate the use of passwords or sharing of personal information during authentication. As a no-code / low-code and omni-channel solution that does not require a downloaded application, customers can deploy IDgo easily without using extensive IT resources or integration programming. The IDgo service has completed SOC 2 Type 2 certification that validates IDgo as a trusted service provider for highly regulated industries.

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Our Team

The IDgo team is comprised of seasoned executives with domain expertise in cyber security, fraud prevention, cryptography, payment processing and cloud security. The team has decades of experience in commercializing scalable solutions for companies in the financial and payments industries.


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