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Secure user authentication done simply.

id-go    provides simple, secure user authentication as a service that protects consumers from Account Take Over attacks with a superior user experience.


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Strong passwordless authentication prevents Account Take Over (ATO) attacks.

id-go replaces discoverable secrets like passwords and one-time passcodes with strong passwordless biometric authentication so there are no secrets for attackers to steal. To protect privacy, authentication is executed with device based biometrics that never leave the consumer's device.

Simple deployment and use of service in minutes.

id-go is an app-less, no-code / low-code complete identity authentication service for both enterprise and consumers. Service can be up and running in minutes without straining IT resources and without the overhead of maintaining development stacks.

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Superior user experience with nothing to download.

id-go does not require download of an application and works on internet-connected devices including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

A single re-usable identity that works for any channel

id-go delivers the same simple authentication experience in all channels: contact center, online, in-person. id-go offers convenience and reduces liability of an identity footprint.

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Designed to accommodate authentication in any channel, be it contact center, online, or in person, id-go offers benefits to a diverse set of enterprises including financial institutions, insurance, fintech and e-commerce companies.

Contact Center Channel

Deliver a superior experience to your customers to authenticate themselves quickly and securely.

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Online Channel

Eliminate passwords, one-time passcodes, shared secrets and provide strong password-less authentication.

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Chat and Video Channel

Provide a secure and simple experience to your consumers to authenticate without sharing personal information. Easily integrate with chat or video channel.

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Payment Transaction

Provide a secure and simple experience to validate payment transactions through passwordless authentication.


Flexible components enable no code and low code implementations.

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   id-go Agent   

enables agent-based enrollment and authentication

component_id-go user roles_2x.png

   id-go Admin   

for administration of user roles, transaction reports

component_id-go web api_2x.png

   id-go Web APIs   

to enable “agent-less” enrollment and authentication services

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   id-go Account   

consumer account used to authenticate with enterprises


  • Device-based biometric authentication

  • "app-less", does not require consumer or enterprise to download an app

  • Designed as no code / low-code,
    enabling quick deployment and avoiding development time and costs

  • Hosted identity authentication as a service on a secure cloud-based platform

  • Highly scalable with multi-tenant micro service architecture

  • Users can request opt-out to meet GDPR and CCPA requirement

How id-go Works

How id-go works

Simple, strong, passwordless authentication in any channel 



User receives SMS from enterprise

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User signs in with biometric

how it works sign in Face ID_2x.png


User allow identity


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are here

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