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Cozera and FTSI forge distribution partnership

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Here is a press release from FTSI, the largest independent provider of custom digital and branch solutions for financial institutions, announcing our partnership.

FTSI Adds Digital ID Authentication to Complement Its Growing Digital Portfolio

The digital identity authentication solution uses smartphone biometrics to create “one identity” for user authentication.

MONROVIA, CALIF. (PRWEB) May 3, 2021. FTSI is announcing its nationwide partnership with Cozera to deliver id-go. id-go is a digital identity authentication solution that uses smartphone biometrics to create a secure and centralized ID credential for user authentication.

id-go requires a simple one-time enrollment for consumers to share identity verifications privately and securely, online or in-person. “This innovative approach is a game-changer, it provides a fast and secure way to navigate the identification and authentication process in today’s digital world,” said FTSI’s CEO and Chairwoman, Susan Napier. “Being able to reduce the time spent on authenticating someone’s identity elevates the consumer experience across multiple channels and platforms,” continued Napier.

The private and portable digital identity service means that the credential is always current and valid. “We found the average time savings to verify identity through our member solutions center was 60%. Along with a more seamless verification process, which also translates into cost savings,” said Seth Schaefer, President and CEO of Rivermark Community Credit Union.

Cozera has assembled a team of security, network, data privacy, cryptography and technology experts who have created unique intellectual property and all the necessary technology components to create a trusted digital identity verification, authentication, and authorization service. “We are excited to partner with FTSI to bring id-go to their portfolio of digital solutions for financial customers,” said Abrar Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Cozera. “id-go is the right digital identity credential at the right time for financial institutions as they balance the need for fraud prevention with the need to provide a positive experience for their consumers.”

FTSI will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 9 am PDT. FTSI’s guest speaker, Seth Schaefer, President and CEO from Rivermark Community Credit Union, will join this webinar to share Rivermark’s strategy and vision on delivering the best-in-class member experience. Webinar attendees will learn the use cases and benefits of id-go and participate in the Q&A session. Register at

About FTSI

FTSI is the largest independent provider of custom digital and branch solutions for financial institutions. FTSI offers a full suite of solutions, including digital, hardware, software, electronic security, software professional services, project management, service maintenance, cash services, and a range of consultative services. Visit to learn more.

About Cozera

Cozera has assembled a team of experts in identity management, cybersecurity, and cloud computing to provide a service for companies that produces a unique digital identity credential–id-go. Cozera works closely with partners to be their innovation leaders providing necessary technology process, service, and support. Visit to learn more.

About Rivermark

Headquartered in Beaverton, OR and founded in 1951, Rivermark Community Credit Union serves more than 85,000 members and over $1.2 billion in assets. Rivermark’s mission is “Building Financial Empowerment Together” by providing members with the confidence to make good financial choices with consistently superior financial solutions and trusted advice. Find out more about Rivermark Community Credit Union at

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