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Cozera’s id-go breaks new ground with an app-less, no-code identity authentication service

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Cozera has launched its most innovative version of the id-go identity authentication service, which does not require consumers to download a mobile app on their devices or for enterprises to write software code to use the service.


Cozera, provider of the simple, secure and fast id-go identity authentication service, today announced that it has launched its most innovative release of id-go that does not require consumers to download a mobile native app or for enterprises to write any software code.

“We were motivated to create this new offering as we found consumers complaining about “app-fatigue” with so many apps to download and install and enterprises constrained by lack of resources to implement all their digital projects” said Cozera’s President, Abrar Ahmed. "This latest version of id-go addresses market dynamics where simplicity, ease of use and rapid deployment of services are in high demand."

The id-go service now leverages WebAuthn, a core component of the FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 specifications. The WebAuthn standard, a joint effort from the W3C and the FIDO Alliance, is for creating and accessing public key credentials on the web, to enable strong authentication of users.

id-go's omni-channel identity authentication service works in contact centers, online, or in-person. With id-go, users can authenticate their identity using phones, laptops, desktops and tablets. id-go is designed to be phishing-resistant, as credentials are “scoped” to the website where they were created, and won’t work if users are tricked into authenticating on a phishing site.

Cozera customers, including Advantis Credit Union, are now using the “app-less” id-go version. “Our member service representatives and members like not having to download another application as it simplifies the process for a member to use the id-go service”, said Nicole White VP, Digital Banking & Remote Channels.

About Cozera Cozera,, delivers an identity authentication platform as a service. The flagship product is called “id-go” which provides a simple to deploy no-code/low-code solution utilizing the FIDO (fast identity online) authentication protocols without the need for passwords or secrets. Business clients can deploy id-go within 45 minutes without using extensive IT resources or integration programming. Consumers can use id-go to help protect their accounts from fraud without downloading an application or using a password that can be hacked.

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